Lab 05


Given Puerto Rico’s sustained contracted economy, there is need for innovative think tanks to see how we can revive the island’s financial challenge. Puerto Rico has many underutilized serviced facilities as well as many potential attractions that are need of attention. The 10-yr exodus of the residents has left the island in a precarious state. What kind of destination can Puerto Rico become? Can it become a viable alternative for people who would like to return to the island? Could it become a snowbird destination?

Project Sites & Development: unused historic infrastructure such as the abandoned American Railroad system, military bases, underutilize ports and air­ports, and agro-industry potential.

TEAM LEADER: Anna Irene del Monaco | Gentucca Canella - (Politecnico di Torino – Torino)
TEAM CONSULTANTS: Martha Kohen (UF) | Dr. Edwin Melendez (Hunter College) | Luis Garcia Pelatti (UPR) | Dr. Lucio Barbera
TEAM ONE: Gentucca Canella - La Sapienza University - Rome | Nathaniel Fuster (UPR)
TEAM TWO: Anna Irene del Monaco (La Sapienza University - Rome)

Tren Urbano

Expo Rico