CityLab Orlando Post Workshop Projects

This studio explores the role of architecture in recovery; specifically, through housing. No architecture has a more direct effect on human health and spirit. No other architecture does more to unite or divide us. Housing for all is necessary to create a safe, thriving, productive world. We explore concerns of infrastructure, settlement, environmental, economic, ecological, and human sustainability. We explore housing from three perspectives:

1. Formalizing Informal Settlements
2. Housing for Needs
3. Urban Recovery

We look at urban, suburban, and rural contexts to best understand the conditions and needs.
These sites are chosen by seeking collisions of opportuntiy and disaster in post-Maria Puerto Rico. The size of these projects varies. We are so far concentrating on the unit, it’s tectonic composition and how it interacts with the site(s) to create community. There is no predetermined size for the projects. Some will be fairly intimate but replicable (prototypical) Some require larger numbers of units to create a landscape or urban impact.